Right now in Detroit, there is a lot going on in the world of sports. The Lions had their mini-camp this week, the Pistons are moving on to the Eastern Conference finals, the Tigers are one game out of first place in the AL Central, and the Red Wings are tied at two games apiece in the Western Conference Semifinals with the Ducks of Anaheim.

If you ask me, the Red Wings could have won the series with Anaheim if they would take advantage of their power plays. In game two in Detroit, the Wings couldn’t produce during their power plays and were lucky to take the game into overtime. In game three, they play outstanding hockey. Coming into game four, the Ducks knew they had to make up for Pronger being suspended and boy did they ever. They took advantage of power plays and play well, unlike the Red Wings.

The Ducks scored the first goal of the game, and it was a turnover by Bertuzzi. That was just sloppy on his part and his should’ve made a crisp pass. The Red Wings seemed as if they were hanging in the game for the first period but when the Ducks scored on the Power Play caused by the Red Wings for too many men on the ice, that seemed to turn the tables. That was another careless move on the Red Wings part.

As the game progressed, the Ducks continued to get called for numerous penalties and the Wings would get the Power Plays and therefore should have taken more shots and as a result, more goals. Anaheim capitalized on their Power Plays and got lucky that Detroit wasn’t able to do the same.

The better team won game four and they need to win game five because game six will be no piece of cake. Come on Wings, let’s bring the Cup back to Hockeytown!