Jonathan Scott – Motor City Longhorn 


In the 4-year period that Jonathan Scott played for Texas, the team record was 45 wins and 6 losses.  Scott began, as the starting right tackle in 2002 as a redshirt freshman and in 2003 became the starting left tackle.  He started in 45 of the 51 games he was in. Jonathan Scott was used to playing. He was used to starting. He was used to winning. 


2006 was tough for the Lions. They built a new coaching staff. They introduced dozens of new players to the team, searching for the talent they could add that would make them into a better team. They suffered an extraordinary number of injuries. They did not win a lot of games. 


2006 was pretty good to Jonathan Scott. Selected in the fifth round he was not expected to become a starting player. He was supposed to develop into a starting player, eventually.  As a 5th round rookie Scott played in 13 games, and started in 4. He made a statement and that statement was, ‘I am the future of the Lions O line’. 


2006 ended lousy for Scott.  In the last game of the year, in what only can be described as a freak injury, Scott broke his hip.  The Lions were pretty coy about this injury, not saying much more than it would take about 3 months to heal.  3 months to heal a fracture?  That seems a long time, and it probably was to Scott, who was looking forward to becoming an impact player for the team. 


Scott has had surgery. He has been through rehabilitation. He is now getting back to practice. He can run – fast. He can block. He has good foot speed and adjusts well to incoming linemen and linebackers. Though his hip injury was serious, Scott is treating it the way he would a 100-pound defensive end, just swatting it out of the way without much thought. 


Good luck Jonathan. Detroit needs you to bring them some of that magic you had for the Longhorns.  Hook em Lions.