Barry, please!

Hey Barry Bonds, from one brother to another: Enough is enough. We know you’re black. We know you’ve claimed to have death threats. We know you say people don’t want you to break Hank Aaron’s record because you’re a black man living in a white America. Stop it. If there’s one thing I hate more than anything else as a person of color it’s when people unnecessarily plays the race card.

Look Barry, you were raised in southern California by two loving parents, one of which was a star baseball player for the Giants. Your godfather is arguably the greatest all-around baseball player to ever play the game, Willie Mays. I wouldn’t exactly call that having a hard life. The reason people don’t want you to break Hammerin’ Hank’s record is because you’re a jerk. It has NOTHING to do with skin color. There are reports that you allegedly cheated on your wife and allegedly you’ve cheated on your taxes, you’ve been surly with the media your whole career and then there’s the steroids thing.  Don’t get me started on how you don’t KNOWINGLY take something. If I handed Barry a syringe full of gummy bears and told him it’d help his swing, he’d take it.

Black athletes, musicians, and regular citizens need to understand that while, yes; racism is still very much alive in this country that doesn’t mean that every white person who arrests you or writes something bad about you is racist. If Barry wants to know about a REAL struggle, I suggest he ask the man he’s chasing. Hank Aaron grew up in Mobile, Ala. and at the age of 16 was working from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m….. for $2.25 a day. Hank played the majority of his games in the Deep South as a member of the Atlanta Braves. Hank was in the process of breaking the record of the most revered man in baseball history, Babe Ruth, a white man who most Americans up to that point considered the greatest baseball player ever.  Not only did he receive death threats weekly during his chase, but he also received letters from people threatening to harm and kidnap his children. But the most glaring difference to me between the two men is this: Barry Bonds is TRYING to break Hank’s record.

Bonds should’ve retired two years ago. But he holds on to the game for the sole purpose of trying to hit a few more home runs. Hank was just doing his job. He never went out there and tried to hit three home runs a game, he never tried to break Babe Ruth’s record; it was just the result of hard work and consistency. So Barry, if you still feel that America doesn’t want you to break the record of a black man because you’re black (doesn’t make since to me either) then go ahead and think that. But if you want to know the real reason why people don’t like you, take a page from Michael Jackson and start with the man in the mirror. And look past your own skin color.

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