Hi Hondo, thank you for the article and a chance for us viewers to have a take.
I would first like to say that in no way am I “backing” Barry Bonds, however, I would like to, seeing as how he has never tested positive. Also what Mr. Schilling said about him “admitting to cheating on the game” is absolute crap. Barry Bonds has never admitted anything of that sort or he would be out of the league.
Secondly, Curt Schilling is doing nothing to let the fire take its course, but rather pouring a bucket of oil on the fire. He has no reason to come out and say those things about Barry Bonds when he himself needs to look in the mirror. The ’92 – ’93 Phillies ring a bell? Oh, and Jason Grimsley a year ago got thrown in jail for testing positive and admitted saying a bunch of other pitchers/players used steroids while on the team. Names like Roger Clemens, Andy Pettite, Miguel Tejada, and Curt Schilling himself were to name a few. Curt Schilling is hurting the game and needs to shut his mouth. It’s bad P.R. for him, the Red Sox, Barry Bonds, and the Giants. Media will be staring them in the face for the next two months just because this yahoo had to go run his mouth for no provoked reason. Dear Curt Schilling, “Shut Up and play baseball!!!”

Thank you for your time Hondo!
I Love your show and don’t change a thing.
Kenny (Lansing)
·                    1921 Babe Ruth had 59 home runs.
·                    1927 Babe hit 60 home runs.
·                    1961, 34 years later Roger Maris hit 61 home runs.
That is a 40-year period.
In the three year period 1998 – 2001 that record was broken 6 times.
Of the top 100 total home run runs per season, 51 of those records were set from 1990 to 2006.
Mark McGuire. Sammy Sosa. Barry Bonds. Sadly, these three did not help lead a sport to greatness. About the most they can say is “Hey, I got mine.” Typical of the baby boom generation.
Is the ball juiced? Are the players juiced? I don’t know. Just draw a line in the record books at 1990 to identify a new era in baseball and call it a day.
Bruce, Lansing
Curt hit the nail on the head.  Barry is a joke and I wish the commish could use that old “best interest of baseball” clause to suspend him before he breaks the record.
Jerry-Los Angeles
I hate Barry Bonds.  He was a sure fire Hall of Famer before he juiced.  I am not a Curt fan but I respect him for saying what so many think.
Baseball can’t allow this travesty to happen.  Selig doesn’t want to be there and neither does Aaron.
I am ashamed to be a baseball fan if this happens.
Keith-Montgomery, Alabama
I am old enough to remember what Aaron went through and Bonds couldn’t carry his jock.
I can’t believe more people are not outraged.  Aaron knows what racism is about, and Bonds has no clue.
I for one am a Bonds hater and not because of his color.  Read “Game of Shadows” and you will know why.
I for one will turn off my TV and never watch again if MLB celebrates that cheater.
Stan-Provo, Utah
I hate Curt since he left my beloved Phillies but he is right here.
Bonds is in my opinion exactly why people are sick of baseball.  Fix the steroids issue and get it handled.  Until that guy is out of baseball, I just can’t really care…O.K. about my Phillies but nothing else.
Keith, Philadelphia
You are the reason why Barry is so hated.  A fat white journalist hating on a black athlete that doesn’t kiss the white medias a**.
You’re a joke.
Greg, St. Louis
What do I think of Schills comments?  He is right.  Enough said.
I hate baseball.  Since the strike and the steroids, I just don’t care.  Please get back to what we all love:  Big Ten sports and football.