Allen Park, MI

Lions 2007 Rookie Mini-Camp    
No one in the Spartan Nation ever doubted Drew Stanton and folks around the NFL better get the memo also.  It was no secret coming out of MSU that Stanton lagged behind some other QB’s on some teams draft boards because his mechanics and fundamentals simply were not up to snuff.  Those inconsistencies were evident when this rookie mini-camp started and both Drew and offensive co-coordinator and QB guru Mike Martz were very plain about it.  His balls were more like wounded ducks and his rhythm was off.  That is why the five practices over three days were conducted and they yielded some very positive results.
Well the good news is that after only five practices here at the Lions Allen Park facility, the rookie mini-camp is coming to an end and you can already see that Stanton is taking it all in.  Because it is proprietary and thus against NFL rules I can’t tell you how many balls I watched him throw this morning but I can tell you that it was a lot of them and he was accurate and his spirals were tight.  On only one throw did he lack the mechanics and fundamentals needed but QB coach Adam Gase was all over it adjusting his hips, angle of his arm in relation to his body and his wrist snap.  After that Drew was right back on track.
To see a young man with his heart and his willingness to learn is greatly impressive and most of all fun to see.  On Monday, I will be posting some video of Mike Martz working with Drew for you hardcore fans to take a look at.  It is several minutes of arm alignment, hip and wrist work.  Trust me, if you’re a hardcore football fanatic as I am you will love seeing how the greatest offensive mind in the NFL (Mike Martz) tutors his young flame throwers!
I will have a complete 2007 Lions rookie mini camp report coming up early this afternoon.  Don’t miss it!