My name is Allison Crawford and I’m a diehard MSU basketball fan.  This is my first blog that you will find on  I will let you in on how I feel about many different things in sports but today, here’s something that I’m very passionate about and I absolutely love…THE IZZONE!

For the past two years, I have been a co-director of the Izzone, the MSU men’s basketball student section.  If I had to go back and redo the past three years of my college experience, I wouldn’t change a thing and I can thank the Izzone for that. 

I grew up in a house where Michigan State was the only way.  There were no options of liking another team, that’s just how it was.  (Sorry Mom, but it’s true.)  I mean my neice’s first words were, “Go State.”  But it all worked out fine because I learned to love Michigan State and bleed green. 

I knew going into the position of co-director of the Izzone that I would take some heat.  Don’t ask me why, but there are a lot of people out there who find it necessary to bash on the Izzone directors no matter what we say.  We would send out an e-mail to the section that the Athletic Department asked us to and within two minutes of the e-mail being received by the students, it would be up on message boards with a note saying the Directors of the Izzone were trying to take the fun out of everything.  I’m sorry, but that’s not the case.  I didn’t want to be director to build my resume or because of where the seats are, I simply wanted to be a director because of my passion and love of the game.  It seems that some people don’t realize that the directors are in the Izzone for the same reason they are, to watch and support the basketball team.  The Izzone is the best student section in the nation and some people just don’t realize how much of a difference we make in the Breslin Center.  So what if we say some things that the NCAA Commissioner doesn’t like.  Trust me, we’re not the only ones.  We only say what’s public knowledge. 

Anyways, I know I’m a little off topic here but that’s ok.  If you know someone who is in high school and is thinking of going to Michigan State, tell them to join the Izzone.  They will meet so many new people and become really good friends with them.  It’s an experience that I will never forget.  I went to the Final Four in 2005 because of the Izzone.  I mean come on, I missed two exams because of the trip, but it was totally worth it.  There are road trips every year where you can be one of the 200 students who invade the opponent’s arena and shock the crowd because you’re louder than their student section.  The past three years in the Izzone, two of which I was the co-director, have been probably up there in my life as the best so far.  I know that they won’t always be the best years of my life but they will not be far behind. 

I have one more year left in the Izzone and then it’s time to hang up the shirt.  I don’t know what I’m going to do after next season.  No more games every week.  No more yelling at Bo Ryan, at least in a range where he can here me.  No more yelling at the refs, especially Pants Man, he’s the best ref in the Big Ten.  Without the Izzone, basketball games wouldn’t be as fun as they are.

Go Green!