Who is Manny Ramirez? 

By Chuck House 


When Manny Ramirez was announced as a Lion on Sunday I thought, “Manuel Ramirez? Who’s Manny Ramirez?” After a little checking I found he was listed as the number 3 to 5 guard on different boards. One service had him listed as one of three elite prospects at the guard position. 


Then I found out that Manuel Ramirez has played the last two years on a misdiagnosed damaged knee that resulted in bone spurs growing under his kneecap. This guy played on a bad knee for two years. Basically he only had one good knee and still ranked as one of the top guards in the league? Imagine what he will do on two good knees. He had surgery in January and says the knee is feeling much better. 


Coach Colletto was obviously happy with his new offensive lineman. When Colletto came down to talk about Ramirez, the first thing he wanted to address was whether Ramirez could run block or not. Ramirez rap sheet says, “No.”  Colletto says, “Yes. Definitely!” Colletto talked enthusiastically about his skills, (strong, fast, good blocking technique) but also about his character a willingness to … “do anything you want coach.” (A sentiment seconded my Ramirez a few moments later in a telephone conference.) 


In their interviews Calvin Johnson and Drew Stanton talked in terms what it will take to be come stars in the NFL. (I’m not really knocking them. They were both high draft picks. An expectation of excellence is already there.) It was refreshing to hear Ramirez talk in terms of earning his playing time and being grateful for being given a chance to play. 


I’m looking forward to camp this summer to see if this eager young man can make the team. Heck, with two good knees he might go to the pro bowl.