Millen, Sarge and Martz talk, here are the notes from here in Allen Park:

·        Millen:  “we are excited, this was an easy decision.”

·        Millen on what CJ brings:  “all of the character…intangibles…he is off the charts in everything…work ethic…we couldn’t have been more excited…he is staying right here in Detroit.”

·        Sarge:  “Roy Williams and Mike Furrey are better right now….From day 1 we loved his character…he is special….not just talent, his character is off the charts…Mike Martz left notes all over my desk constantly and even though they said they were from Calvin, it was his handwriting.”

·        Martz:  “What a dream come true…when great character meets great ability great things can happen…He made such a great impression on our players when he was here for his visit.”

·        Martz on whether he is to big for the receivers he likes (he is 6’5”):  “size has never been an issue with me, you have to line up and beat a CB one on one consistently, and good corners…he has size with little guy ability.”

·        Martz about how does he rate will all the other WR’s he has seen coming out of college in his career:  “he is the best I have ever seen.”

More coming later, I have to talk with Calvin now.