Bucs trying to pass Falcons in move for the Lions #2 overall pick!

Late this afternoon the Bucs came roaring back in the sweepstakes for the Lions #2 overall pick.  Detroit wants the Bucs to give up their first round pick (#4 overall) as well as both of their second rounders (#35 & #64 overall) as well as CB Brian Kelly.  That is a lot of juice but the Bucs are sold that CJ is that good and they also have the Falcons trying a no holds barred approach for the pick.

I don’t think that Detroit will get all that it wants.  The Bucs at this point have not ponied up (because Oakland has not take Russell as of yet obviously) but as it gets closer teams that are in love with CJ and see him as the savior will step to the plate and have to pay a huge price.

I think that if the deal gets done it will either include both second rounders or the second rounder (#35 overall) and Kelly.

Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for the latest.