From Kori of Quinnesec:
Does the staff feel that Dan Orlovsky is a viable backup quarterback?
They do like Dan.  It is my belief however that they are willing to upgrade at any position and if they feel someone in the draft is there that they can see leading this team after Kitna, they will take him.  I don’t think they see him as the long-term solution.

 What are the chances of us drafting S Landry (LSU)? From Cris of Fenton:
He will go high so I don’t think they are good.  We all know that the draft is a funny thing and if he falls then I am sure that they would look.  I don’t think he will fall and I don’t expect him to be a Lion.  They love Kennedy and Bullocks is ready to step up.

If Kevin Jones is healthy who are the potential suitors for RB Tatum Bell if we decide to trade him, and what value can we expect to get for him?  I think that it is too early to tell.  Let me say this.  I don’t think he will get traded this season.  There are too many questions about KJ so if he got traded now it would have to be with someone being stupid.  If KJ is back at the start of the season (I don’t think he will be) then I could see them trading him before opening day but real close to that.

Recent reports of Calvin Johnson, Gaines Adams, Amobi Okoye admitted in scouting combine interviews that they have used pot in the past, do you find that this information will hurt there standings as top 10 picks?  No.  All three were really honest in the fact that they had tried it.  All three also didn’t wait for the team’s private security services to find it.  I think that it is unfortunate, but because they showed real character in dealing with it, they won’t have any real long-term issues.  Now if teams find out that it was more then experimentation then I think that will possess some real issues.

From Brandon of Fordland:
What do you say to those that think Thomas could be another Gallery?
 I would say that they don’t really get the time to analyze and look at guys.  Their where about ten teams that had Gallery high.  The others really took a long hard look and saw some issues and concerns.  I have spoken before about Oakland being a team that likes sizzle more then steak and that is why Gallery went there.  On contrast nearly every team (and especially those that are known as great drafting teams) love Thomas and everything about him.  Any other year he is the consensus #1 player.  This draft is so deep that he is what he is.  If I am Detroit, I grab Thomas at #2 (if I have to use the pick) and thank God I got him.  He was the most dominant college football player last year:  bar none.

How good is Gaines Adams compared to Mario Williams? Great question.  I know of three teams that told me straight up that they think Gaines is head and shoulders better than Mario Williams.  He has a lot of great attributes but Williams was a terrible #1 pick last year (in my opinion it was the worst #1 pick of all time) and although I don’t see Gaines as a #1 he is better.

Are Russell and Quinn really considered franchise QB’s?  Another great question.  It depends on whom you talk to.   Russell has a cannon and can run but he is so raw.  You really don’t know what you’re getting yet.  He has some incredible abilities, but some major glaring weaknesses.  I talked with one NFL scout this week that told me that his team sees Russell as a second or third round guy.  He has a huge upside.  Picking that high however you also say he has a huge risk.  If I am a great team picking at the end of the first where I don’t have any glaring needs I maybe take the chance, but no way do I think he is a sure thing.  In my opinion the first round pick in the NFL has to be a starter and a sure thing.  Anything else is a criminal waste of a pick.  As far as Quinn he misses throws and lacks arm strength.  Now I know with that comment I am going to get killed but watch his film.  That guy makes so many bad throws that I just don’t see how anyone can think that kid is a franchise QB.  Is he great kid?  Yes.  Does he have the potential to be great?  Yes.  The problem is that when you pick a guy that high you have to know he is it.  You can’t waste it.  That is why last year I had Vince Young rated as the number one player.  He had all the tools, and he was a proven winner who had already shown that given the leadership he could deliver.  What big game has Brady Quinn won?  Listen, I love MSU but was he great in that comeback?  I am not hating on Quinn or Russell.  What I am saying is that a first round pick is a precious and prized possession and you have to guard it.  If you take a kid in the first it can’t be a crapshoot.  Quinn and Russell may one day be great, I for one don’t know one scout who has looked me in the eye and said “that guy is all that.”   To me that precluded either one from being picked so high and being labeled as a franchise QB. 

Is Teddy Lehman fully recovered and although he was a pick for a different defense, will he be viable in the Tampa2 scheme?  First let me tell you that I am a huge Lehman guy.  I love his heart and everything about him.  He looks great running and should be 100% ready come fall.  This defense is different from the one he was picked to play in but is very similar to the one that he played at OU.  Joe Barry and Sarge both loved him when he came out, and they would love to see him make it.  That said, once the injury bug bites, it is very hard to get back.  I think Detroit will address the MLB position but Lehman will get his shot.  I for one hope he makes it.  Don’t forget that they have Lennon also.

Is Coach Marinelli pleased with the mental toughness with the team now?  Let me say this.  Sarge is a friend of mine, and I don’t care what it is, on or off the field, I don’t think he is ever satisfied with anyone’s (including himself) mental toughness.  He is a machine and that is why I love him.
Thanks to everyone for the chat and all your questions.  Look forward to doing it again soon.