MSU women’s basketball gets a fresh start!

Now that the MSU women’s basketball will be getting a new leader, there are two names that should pop up that demand serious consideration. 

#1 Suzy Merchant She is the head coach at EMU and regarded by many in the know as one of the best coaches in the nation.  She has done a remarkable job at the school and absolutely knows the state of Michigan.  She is a gifted teacher and is someone that will work with Izzo and not see him as competition.  She should bring a refreshing commitment to MSU and can take the program to a better level.  She understands being a team player and that will be critical from the next coach in that office.  She is from Traverse City and is clearly the best candidate for the job.  Here is more about Merchant:

#2 Sam Vincent That name needs no introduction in the Spartan Nation.  Many at MSU were not pleased when President Simon chose to give McCallie and extension and the tension was very strong over it.  Many feel that the former MSU star would be the perfect fit.  He knows the state and the school and will bring instant credibility.  I ran this name around several MSU people when my story first aired after the tournament and all of them agreed that he would be among the best choices.    There was also the common thought that “It won’t matter to Simon becuase she will want a woman.”  I would hope that the new coach would be the best available and not his or hers sex.  Here is more about Vincent: