April 17, 2007

Cleveland, OH

St. Edwards School Delvon Roe Press Conference

Christmas came early in the Spartan Nation this year as Tom Izzo got an early present with the commitment of 6’8” power forward Delvon Roe.  Izzo was told last Tuesday.  The nation’s best player for the 2008 class will choose the Spartans today here in Cleveland over the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Mid last week a family member of Roe’s made me aware of his choice and several other sources confirmed it.  I waited until today to report it based upon their wishes.  Today Roe will join one of the most talented rosters for the 2009 season but make no mistake he is the big prize.  Even though Izzo has another scholarship available (and he will use it) he joins a squad already penciled for a Final Four run to Ford Field in his freshman campaign.  The question some will come asking what can Roe do?  My answer is what can’t he do?  He is versatile and limber and possesses skills beyond his years.  Not only is he a quality basketball player but also a quality kid.

 His family member summed up his character best when I was told mid last week, “The hardest part was not picking MSU, it was telling Coach Williams.  I think you can praise both coaches for the way they handled this.  There wasn’t any negativity, both coaches are friends and both had nothing but praise for the other.  I just think it came down to the fact that he has so many players on the MSU team he is friends with, and every time he turned around Izzo was there.  I mean, when other schools sent assistants Izzo was there.  Coach Stephens also was great for MSU and I am not disrespecting him, but when the kid saw all of these assistants and then looked and saw Izzo that really tells you something.”

Athletic and smart is one of the ways to describe Roe’s talent and that alone sets him apart.  He looks now like a man among boys and that is with a senior season awaiting him.  One coach that coached against him last season and will this next season told me last night “The thing about Delvon is that he gets better against better competition.  You know that saying: Big time players make big time plays in big time games?  Well that is him.  He is the best basketball player I have ever seen and that was as a junior.”

Stay tuned to Hondo’s Highlights tonight at 6:15 p.m. as I will have the latest from here in Cleveland and I will have Delvon Roe on with me. Hear from him on why he picked MSU and about how critical Chris Allen and Raymar Morgan were in his recruitment.