1. I think you mentioned that there are only 3 troublesome players left and one of those they want to salvage. I want to take a stab at that and tell me if I’m right or wrong: Damien Woody, Mike Williams, and they want to salvage Shaun Rogers?
2. Do you think it is more likely that the Lions will trade out of #2 before the draft or during the draft?
3. Is there anything to the Josh McCown trade rumors?
Greg in Westphalia, MI
Here you go buddy.
#1 Correct.  Mike Williams was not at practice today and although they weren’t shocked, it makes it very apparent that he won’t be a Lion next season unless he has major attitude reversal.  Don’t hold your breath.  Woody has shown a better attitude and his weight is better but still a concern.  If he restructures his deal he could stay.  If he doesn’t there is no way he is a Lion.  Rogers they hope to salvage.  I am not sold yet that he will be a Lion come fall, if he is, unless he improves and plays all the time I don’t see him back in 2008 for sure.
#2 Yes.
#3 Is there anything?  For sure there is.  The Lions won’t trade him to Oakland before they trade their number #2.  They want to trade down and if Oakland gets a QB they will take Calvin Johnson and that hurts the Lions.  So, if he goes before the draft it was to either a different team then the Raiders, or the Raiders did something so stupid that they couldn’t resist the deal.
What role do you think TJ Duckett will have with the Lions? In my opinion he has yet to be given the chance to be the feature back I think he can be. Neither Atlanta nor Washington gave him a chance.
Mike-Buchanan, MI
Hi Mike.  I think they see him as a Christian Okoye type back.  He is fast (he runs right now a 4.4) and can bench over 500 pounds.  He has great hands to catch the ball and can run and block.  They see him as an all the time back.  Kevin Jones hears those feet coming up behind him and today at practice took a cheap shot at T.J. calling him a “short yardage back” but I would be concerned also to have T.J. in my rearview mirror.  The Lions love T.J. and the sky is the limit with him.  As hard has he is willing, he will get the shot.  You’re right about Atlanta and Washington.  Go back into the videos section of Spartan Nation by clicking on the Hondo’s House ICON on the right of the screen and watch my long version interview (T.J. from Allen Park) and you can see more in detail about those time and what happened.
Hi Hondo. Great website. My question is: Do you think the Lions will actually be able to trade down and acquire more picks even though past drafts have had only a handful of deals?
Hi Jaret and thanks for the email.
Yes I do.  Teams are already lining up.  The issue is C.J. at #1.  I can see the Lions trading down twice.  Ideally I think they would want about 11 picks or more for this draft and I believe they want to get to a point that free agency is not a pool they have to swim in.
Hondo, Thanks for answering my e-mail, I appreciate your insight. I am really losing sleep because I am worried about the acquisition of a quality MLB. We saw what happens last year when you just plug an average guy in there or someone playing out of position. What do you see as the Lion’s plans to address this? What do you think are the odds we actually pull off a trade and pick up P. Willis? Thanks, James from Ohio
Hi James!
I am not worried about a MLB right now.  Here is why.  Lehman today at practice looked great.  He looked like he did when he was a rookie as far as running all over and mobility.  I agree with you about Willis.  I want everyone to know that I believe and many others around the NFL do also that Patrick Willis is the best defensive player in the draft.  I had a great talk with him at the Combine and I know that he is on the radar.  One NFC GM that his highly regarded (and has no need at MLB) told me “you pick that kid and let him be an All Pro for 12 years.”  I think they would love to trade down twice to accumulate picks and still get him.  I am not “worried” about the MLB but I am nervous.  I love that kid (Patrick Willis) and I know the Lions do also.
Hi Hondo:
Do you ready think that the lions acquisitions are quality, or
past their prime, especially on the offensive/defensive line?
I understand by their poor 2006 record, that the scheduling
for this year will be less difficult. Can they make the playoffs?
Hi Dave!
I love the pick up of Dewayne White.  I will have video (remember it is always free) up on the site either late today or tomorrow that we have a long talk with him.  He is a lot of player and they believe in him.  He has only played five years so I am in no way worried about wear and tear.  As far as Bell, I am not sold on him.  The Broncos pretty much gave him and Foster up.  I can tell you that if either of those does well it is candy.  They are both good players but have lacked being stars.  Bell has to prove himself and Foster has to man up and be the star that he can be.  As far as McDonald, remember a guy named Mike Furrey?  He came in and all the Lions haters laughed at Millen and the team.  At the end of the season those same people said nothing.  Not even a “hey my bad on the Furrey criticism.”  My point is that they are pleased with him.  I guess that I like what they did.  They didn’t spend dumb money and they want to build through the draft.  They were careful and I like that.  They know this team won’t be fixed in a day so they didn’t try.  As far as the playoffs, I think they will be much improved and will have a better assessment when training camp gets started.  Remember you can see daily video from training camp and my reports all through it.
Hi Hondo
#1 – Marinelli often talks about ‘getting faster’. What is the speed that is his benchmark for the O line or D linemen? Who has hit this mark? Who hasn’t?
#2 – Have you heard any talk about the Lions acquiring a quarterback coach? Without a Qb coach, Martz has to spend a lot more time grooming his QB, eating up time spent evaluating and teaching the whole of his offense. (Or is Martz already using a ‘shadow’ Qb coach who does everything but doesn’t have the title?)
#3 – What is the word on Jonathon Scott? He suffered an injury in the last game of the year and was expected back in @ 12 weeks. Is he running without difficulty? Is he practicing with the team?
#4 Any chance the Lions will get Lioness-es (Cheerleaders) this year?
Hi Bruce! 
#1  I am not sure that he would give you a benchmark.  He and I have talked about this and he always talks (listen for it and you will see it when he speaks) about the intangibles.  He would tell you that Warren Sapp was not 40-yard dash fast but is fast in the trenches.  I don’t want to really get into who they like and don’t, I will just tell you to watch who gets shipped out to see that.  I will say that Gaines Adams and Patrick Willis have great speed but as you know Willis isn’t a D-line.
#2 Martz will not hire that guy.  He see the QB as yet another coach and he works exclusively with them.  I normally wouldn’t like that scenario but I do with this system.  As well as at practice you can see the other coaches get a lot of leeway to teach so it doesn’t concern me at all.
#3 Jon looks great and today at practice took great part.  I think he will be fine.  Obviously the hitting hasn’t started but he looks great and with the work he did today he couldn’t have if he had not, or at least wasn’t recovering.  They love that kid and he is a very special young man.  I am not saying he is a pro bowler, that is up to him but last year in practice several of the guys talked about him and they like him.
#4 Nope, you sick old man!  LOL
I heard from a friend that he read on a different website that your doing a draft day chat while your at the draft? Is this true?
Hi Sam.  Your friend is correct.  I love talking about the Lions and I am really looking forward to it.
I really love the site and your shows.  I don’t live in Michigan any chance you can make your show stream on the net?
Hi Curtis.
We will have them up in August, you will get all my 1/2 hour Hondo’s House shows that air three times a week and my nightly 15 minutes of sports that airs on the six o’clock news.  We have more sports at six P.M. then any station anywhere that is a local affiliate so make sure you watch for this August.
I know that you love Millen and he is your boy but now you have me drinking the Kool Aid.  Don’t be setting me up for a heart attack man.
Tajaun-North Carolina
Tajuan.  Relax buddy.  I won’t write it if I don’t believe it and I am sincere in my comments that I do see this franchise getting better and I do believe in Millen.  Just because Matt has not defended himself, let me tell you that he is the not the reason they have been terrible and those issues are getting addressed privately behind the scenes.
Great site and work.  How come more media people aren’t on the bandwagon and why do they all seem to hate the Lions?
Hi Rick!
I can’t speak for all and I won’t specifically rip anyone.  I will say this.  Some people take the lazy route, which is to tell all the fans:  Lions suck, Millen is an idiot and yada yada yada.  I go to everything, I see it, I talk to people around the league and after accumulating all that info I make what I believe is an informed opinion.  I can tell you that I don’t always take a positive stance, but when I see it positively I do report that.
Thanks everyone.  My beloved MSU hockey team just won the National Championship and I have to run and cover their parade live on the six o’clock news.  Talk to you soon.  I am thinking about making this “answer your email” article a twice a week deal.  Email back and let me know what you think even if you didn’t ask or get yours put up here.  Remember that I can’t answer you all on here, so if you didn’t get on I will personally respond to you all.