April 7, 2007

St. Louis, MO

NCAA Hockey National Championship Game


I am speechless.  The incredible emotion is fantastic. 

Very few teams evolve in any sport.  Tonight was the rare example.  To a man all the Spartans wanted to talk about was that this was a team.  “No one wanted to say it, everyone thought we couldn’t do it, but our coach reminded us that it was our team that determined our future and we are champions,” was Goalie Jeff Lerg’s reaction to me seconds after the game ended.

The game wasn’t even over and MSU head coach Rick Comley was looking into the stands to find his sweetheart.  There she was as always and Comley celebrated when his blushing bride hit the floor.  “My family is what it is all about, that is number one and I wanted her to know I was thinking of her,” was Comley’s reaction to me on the ice when I asked him about his search for her at the end of the game.

“This is a team, that is what it all is about and we showed that this is about MSU, this is about being the best team.  Coach asked us during the season if we wanted individual awards or team awards and we wanted the team awards,” was Justin Abdelkader’s post game thought.