Take a deep breath and enjoy what is going on!

I can remember back with great appreciation the three times I got to watch Michael Jordan play in his prime live.  I also can remember being at World Series games and other events.  It irritates me that I never had the opportunity to watch the greatest baseball player ever Hank Aaron live, or so many other great sports personalities and heroes.  I would have loved to watch Duffy’s demeanor as he marched up and down the sidelines of the sacred cathedral of the Spartan Nation leading MSU to yet another national championship.

The 2006-2007-basketball season will be remembered many years from now as yet another crowning achievement in the legacy of the great Tom Izzo.  Although I want to believe that basketball success will always be a staple in the Spartan Nation who would have thought we would fall this far after Duffy in football?

I for one believe that this was the best coaching job Tom Izzo has ever done.  This team if you look back at the beginning had no business making it this far.  This team had no shot, but they made it anyways.  He took a roster void of great talent at all five spots and won this time with his brain and their loyalty to him and the basic non-sexy principles that James Naismith envisioned.

I for one have gotten a thrill of a lifetime.  My grandchildren will one day hear the great stories of Izzo like I have about Duffy from my father and I am sure they will wish with all of their green hearts to have experienced it.  They won’t point to this season as the highlight, but it is.

My prayer is that all of us are appreciating this ride, right now.  Win or lose this week in the tournament, at this point it is just incredible to be on this ride.

Props to Tom, the assistants and of course the team.  I can’t wait for next years final four.  You know, the one we will be back in!  It was fun being the underdog, but next season we return to our rightful place:  the hunted, not the hunter.