The Lions are out of the Kevin Curtis sweepstakes!

Late this afternoon I learned from a source close to Kevin Curtis that the Lions are no longer part of the equation for his services as a WR.  “I think the Lions would like Kevin, but I know they really like Shaun McDonald and I don’t think they are willing to pay what he is commanding in this market,” said the source.

Read:  the Lions are not going to overpay for a WR.  They know that they have a multitude of second day picks that can yield a very productive WR for less money.  Clearly the Lions are set at WR #1-#3 with Roy, Furrey and McDonald.  Adding Curtis would have been nice but not at the expense of being foolish with precious cap dollars with so many picks.

I still think the Lions will use those to move up for some other people (I will cover that with my 2007 draft preview) but they have to keep the dollars available under the cap to sign so many picks.

I would have liked to get Curtis, but Millen is playing this real smart.