By Matt guest columnist 

It’s a great time of year.  The day after Selection Sunday, which happens to be a Monday, is filled with filling out brackets.  Everyone becomes a college basketball expert.  Your parents.  Your girlfriend.  Her parents.  Her crazy cat.  They all know who is going to Atlanta. 

Which brings me to some advice: Don’t listen to anyone.  Not those mentioned above.  Not those on television breaking down the match-ups.  Not those online that disclose their brackets on their websites.  It’s all a crapshoot.  Don’t trust anyone! 


It doesn’t matter that much anyways.  All the real experts just pick 1 and 2 seeds.  But then they are completely shocked when a George Mason or Gonzaga make a tourney run.  They call themselves experts, but I say smexperts!  

Plus, you know who is going to win that pool you’re in, don’t you?  It won’t be anyone with even a bit of knowledge.  No, not even close.  It’ll be that crazy guy that you allowed in your pool to get the pot up, but what you didn’t realize is he dropped out of Long Beach State, and he is correctly picking them to go to the Final Four (I am not actually recommending this, although they can knock down the trifecta nicely). 

So what should you do?  Go on your gut instincts.  Make your selections and walk away.  Maybe change one or two things here and there, but only minor details.  Maybe the 8/9 games or 7/10 games.  Trust yourself. 

Sometimes it helps to work backwards.  Pick your Final Four first.  You might end up making some poor picks otherwise because you end up basing your selections on your potential match-ups.  For instance if you do pick the 49ers to upset Tennessee, you might be inclined to move someone else forward because they get Long Beach – even though you don’t actually like their talent or chances.  And in turn, you miss out on who you truly think will end up in Hotlanta. 

But it’s easier to give advice than it is to follow it.  I mean seriously, who am I kidding?  I change my bracket more times than I change my underwear and I have wiping issues (no I don’t, I use twoply).  It’s fun.  March Madness brings out the A.D.D. in all of us.  “UCLA, no.  Kansas?  Uh-uh.  UNC, no.  Texas!  Eh, nah.  Fine, Michigan State?  No, don’t drink the green tea this year.  I need a darkhorse, Arkansas!  No, no sas.”

Let’s just hope there is this much back-and-forth in every game.