March 9, 2007

Chicago, IL

Big Ten Tournament

The Spartans are preparing for a match with the team that has arguable upended UM as the Spartans biggest Big Ten rival and that is of course the Badgers of Wisconsin.

Healthy and ready (which the Spartans are) has nothing to do with this.  The Spartans were depleted when they took them on just a week ago in Madison and what a battle it was.  Make no mistake however of what this game means.

To say that Izzo and Ryan dislike one another is about as big of an understatement that I have a “slight” weight issue.  These two teams from the water boy on down have a dislike that runs deep and long.  The Spartans remembering the “dunk” and the Badgers simply not liking that for a long time Izzo has owned them.

Look for the Spartans to change nothing.  They beat them once, and came within four seconds of doing it last time with a sick team.  Drew Naymick defense will be called upon to be huge in this game and if the Spartans can get any contribution from a healthy Morgan (he is healthy so count on it) then this should be yet another classic battle with these two programs.