March 8, 2007

Chicago, IL

Big Ten Tournament 

For the Spartans to make a run in March, we need Marquise to step up!

There are varying opinions to what has happened to the Spartans red shirt sophomore forward Marquise Gray.  Whatever your thoughts may be as to why he has been non existent, the fact is that he has not developed this season as Izzo or the staff has wanted.

Arguably he is the most athletic member of the team and his dunks and rejections can turn Breslin on fire.  He is a staff, team and fan favorite and whether it is putting his arm around Izzo while getting his butt chewed or electrifying the sky with his remarkable leaping ability he has all but disappeared.  He is only averaging 3 points and 1 board in the last 5 games, and 5 points and 4 boards for the Big Ten season.  Both are well below where he should be, and can be at this time in his career.

I know that the players and staff are scratching their heads and theories abound as to why it may be, MSU can’t make a big run in the big dance without him.  He is needed and vital. 

Marquise is an emotional person and player.  I totally admit that I not only enjoy covering him but I like him.  He is a great kid.  Something has gotten in his head.  Something has gotten him to relinquish what was once nothing but promise and I hope he gets back his proverbial MOJO.

Can you imagine this team and it’s potential if Marquise was back in rhythm?  Can you imagine where they would be with the acrobats and scoring that a power forward like Marquise can be?

My point is that he is a great kid, and he has had injury issues but this is Quise time, he is needed and he can do it.  I for one want to see it, and see the Spartans enjoy a nice prolonged dance card.