The Lions love everything about T.J. Duckett.  He still runs a great 4.4 40 and can bench press over 500 pounds.  One Washington Redskin official told me at the combine:  “he is a freak of nature.  We knew we couldn’t resign him so he didn’t play here, we wanted reps for a guy we knew was going to be a Redskin in 07.” I know for a fact that the Lions see T.J. as a premier back and with his bruising running style, and great pass catching abilities he fits perfectly into the Mike Martz offense and they love him. 

The Lions Kevin Jones is recovering well from his Lisfranc injury, and they expect him to be fully recovered come training.  With that said, Duckett would get every chance to compete for “the job” and I think he could win it.  Getting Duckett would be great for both the Lions and T.J. and I am very optimistic that this deal will get done.