March 3, 2007

Madison, WI

Kohl Center

Is there going to be a miracle here in Madison?

The Spartans are not having their best game of the season and most of the starters are sick, but someone forgot to tell them that they aren’t supposed to win.  The Spartans have shot an amazing 55.6% here in the first half and have a 12-11 lead in rebounds. 

Goran Suton has been a huge lift for the Spartans picking up 8 points in the first half.   My sideline photographer Dave Nagy heard the best line of the day however.  Sitting next to the UW bench he heard a Badger assistant scream to the ref:  “Izzo is not Krzyzewski and he shouldn’t get all the calls!”  The funny thing is that the Spartans had more fouls and two more turnovers.  Classic.
Stay in touch with SpartanNation for the latest from here in Madison.  I have to get back for the start of the second half!