Sarge is in charge and the Lions are in great shape.  Day one of free agency report!

Now that the Lions have sent the message that the locker room must be cleaned, here is an update and primer on what has been done, what will get done and a look at the draft.


  1. Dre’ Bly:  to many issues in the locker room.
  2. James Hall:  see Dre’ Bly.
  3. Marcus Bell:  ditto.  Dude has more issues then I have extra pounds.  I didn’t like him coming here last year and told you he would be a problem and gone before next season.
  4. Marcus Pollard:  I love Marcus and he is one of my best friends on the Lions.  They love him and his attitude but the does not fit the system.  I know for a fact his deep admiration and respect for Sarge and Millen, this is a move the benefits both.  Marcus will love to play, but leaving Millen and Sarge will be a sad thing for him.
  5. Cory Schlesinger:  great guy, but simply does not fit what the Lions want to do.
  6. Rick DeMulling: again a good friend, but simply under performed in D-Town.  Lots of love from me for the Ricker, but he didn’t get it done and has to go.
  7. Terrance Holt:  under performed and that is can’t be tolerated in the Tampa Two, especially from a safety.  Dude is a great dresser (could give Millen, Sarge and I some lessons) but is simply not a good football player.  If I could avoid donuts like he does collisions I would weigh about as much as the Lions Chrissie Zavicar.  That is about 15 pounds in case you’re wondering.
  8. Ross Verba:  issues in the locker room, and off the field.  I said the Lions over paid to get him and I am glad (as are many on the team) that he is out of here.


  1. Tatum Bell has been added.  He will be the third string back (unless KJ is injured) then he will be the second stringer.  Who is two, I will talk about that in a minute.
  2. George Foster has been added.  He is really a younger Stockar McDougle.  He has motivation issues, but will be a good backup and maybe a change of scenery will help him mature.
  3. Alex Lewis is resigned and that is a great move.  Lewis is one of their most athletic players and is a great contributor to the LB corp as well as special teams.  A great locker room guy and he is loved by his teammates.


  1. I think the Lions will sign free agent Kevin Curtis.  Curtis is clearly the guy the Lions have targeted to round out the receiving corp with Roy and Furrey.
  2. I think the Lions will sign DE Dewayne White from Tampa Bay.  He will be joined by Kalimba on the other side and new DC Joe Barry and HC Sarge Marinelli developed him.  He loves this staff and players I have spoken with onr of the Bucs and he thinks it is a no brainer that he is a Lion.
  3. Detroit will be a major player for a major RB I free agency.  I am not going to report whom it is at this point, but I will have an article about him coming soon.  The Lions will bring him in clearly as the number two back, but if KJ does not recover or stumbles he will be a great fit for the Lions and will be able to assume that #1 role with no problem.
  4. The Lions will bring in Kawika Mitchell MLB from the Chiefs.  He has experience in the Tampa Two with the Chiefs.  This is not a lock signing at all, like I feel the three above are.  This is an intriguing guy, but not a lock.


  1. The Lions really like Joe Thomas and at this point he will be their first round pick.  He is the only player that they will select with this pick.  If they are unable to trade the pick, Thomas is a Lion.  Everyone else they like would be way over paid at this spot.  I know for a fact that the Lions mentality for this pick is “he must be a starter this year.”  That is a direct quote from a senior Lions official about the #2 overall pick in the first round.
  2. The Lions LOVE Drew Stanton and he is the best QB in the draft on their board.  They are not alone (I wrote about that yesterday) and he is the real deal.  One or two years behind Kitna would be a great experience for Drew, just ask Carson Palmer. They will not select him with their first round pick (#2 overall) so if the Lions get him, it will be because they moved down (from their second round pick #34 overall) and got him in the bottom third of the first round.
  3. The Lions really like Patrick Willis the MLB from Ole Miss.  If they were able to trade down and accumulate more picks, they would take him in the eight to twelve ranges.  Another name getting a lot of play is Gaines Adams the DE from Clemson.  I know for a fact that the Lions prefer Dan Bazuin DE from CMU.  They feel that they can get him later then Gaines and I just don’t think they move up for a guy when they like someone better, and can get him later.

I will keep you updated as the day goes on.