With a multitude of picks now (especially four fifth rounders) do the Lions have a blockbuster deal in the works?
The Lions are having their best off-season in years and I can tell you for a fact, that with picks stockpiled the Lions are considering all offers.  I can also tell you two sources have confirmed that they have an interest in trading with the Lions and the Lions have talked to both clubs.  
Three NFL teams have confirmed that the Lions are the main players and power brokers right now as teams that want to move up have to look at the Lions.  With all of the picks they have “they are certainly the ones in the drivers seat.  No one wants to trade because no one knows what Millen will do,” according to one AFC scout.
“I think the Lions with all of those picks and that high of a draft spot certainly control the draft.  You can’t pinpoint what they will do and that makes it very difficult to judge who they pick, making it hard for you to settle in on a guy.  I can truthfully say that the Lions have made everyone else’s job a lot harder because we have to plan for every scenario.”  That quote was from a member of management at a NFC team.
“I think your seeing that having a Coach (Sarge) and a President (Millen) on the same page makes life fun.  I can tell you the Lions may be the only ones enjoying this right now.” That was from a high powered agent I met at the Combine.