Latest on the MSU search

It is evident that the MSU process will be very thorough and again, I had two more people (one from the SEC and one an agent) today tell me how impressive MSU is acting.  The SEC contact said, “I got to tell you that MSU is a dream job.  You got Izzo there and that already puts you ahead of most people.  You can go there and all the crap you hear is about how tough the fans are.  Hell, I love tough fans like that.  They sat through a monsoon with Notre Dame and for 40 years have just given money and time.  I can guarantee you one thing, for a guy that can coach football, that is a dream job.  The best basketball coach in the nation and a President who is crazy about sports and fans that would build you a space shuttle if you win 8 games a year and spank some Wolverine.  If that is a bad job sign me up!”  By the way I love this guys attitude.  Sorry he has a very good job and won’t leave but he thinks MSU is in his words “the most appealing job out there.”

I am going to give you some information on several candidates.  They are in no particular order but are viable candidates.


  1. Charlie Strong is a Assistant Head Coach; Co-Defensive Coordinator; Linebackers for the Florida Gators. He is as intense as Urban Meyer and remember that with Urban’s attention to offense, he is the head coach of defense.
  2. Brian Kelly is the head coach at CMU.  He had an impressive run at Grand Valley, he has solid recruiting knowledge in the mid west as well as Florida and has turned around a program that many feel the future UM coach left in shambles.  He has a huge game on 11/10 with Bill Cubit of WMU and would appear on a short list.
  3. Bill Cubit is the highly successful head coach at WMU.  His team has already beaten BCS schools and he is known as a tough nosed coach.  He has a very impressive resume that includes several high profile successes.  He has a big game with CMU then a trip to Florida State where he could move not just to the MSU radar but the national radar. He was recently recognized by ESPN as one of the best under the radar coaches in the nation and has great respect both in the State of Michigan and nationally!
  4. Todd Grantham is the DC for the Browns.  He is a prodigy of Nick Saban and has gotten a lot of press because Saban’s word means so much to Izzo.  He is certainly high on many people’s radar.
  5. Mooch is the front-runner if he wants it.  You don’t need any information.
  6. Ron English would appear to be a long shot but is a coach with huge upside because of the job he did this season with UM.
  7. Pat Shurmur is the QB coach for the Eagles and had a great career at MSU as a player and coach.