Tiger’s take series from defending champs!
By Justin Mangan
Although the Detroit Tiger’s held the best record in baseball coming into the series against the world champion Chicago White Sox, they were still seen as the under dog. With a four and a half lead going into the series over the White Sox, the Tigers posted a previous record of 1-5 against their central division rivals. What’s more is that they only had a 3-11 record combined against the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, along with the White Sox; all teams worthy of contention. Now this series seemed to mean more, especially going up against the mouth of White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen.
            In front of a sold out crowd the Tiger’s lost their first game because of lack of hitting as the only manufactured one run. Words started to spread around the radio, TV shows, that maybe the Tigers weren’t for real. That they couldn’t beat any team in contention and only dominate second tear teams. All this was about to change as the Tigers took the next two from the White Sox, all the while being shown on ESPN for both games. As statistic’s flashed around the nation highlighting the Tiger’s team statistics, more notably their league leading ERA, baseball analysis finally realized the Tiger’s potential. Finally, everyone out there could see the Tigers were for real. And more importantly, by winning the series, the Tiger’s now hold a legitimate spot over the defending world champions.
            This past series against the Chicago White Sox was probably the biggest series of the year for the Tiger’s. Not only did they win the series, but also they flashed the intangibles to beat any team in the majors. As August and September role around, in comes teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, A’s, and again the White Sox. All teams worthy of a spot in the playoffs. But this time around wont be like any of the previous seasons in over a decade. Now, the Tiger’s stand atop the majors, capable of beating any team out there. And they are now not the hunted, but the hunter’s. Arguably playing the best baseball in the majors, and some of the best in Detroit since the 1984 or ’87 teams, Tiger’s fans have something to rave about. And it’s definitely showing, as games are consistently being sold out. Even standing room only seats are hard to come by.
            What’s even more intruding, is how the Tiger’s are acting towards the series. They are simply having fun playing the game. Whether it be a win over the White Sox or the Kansas City Royals, the Tiger’s aren’t taking much time to celebrate the win, but looking towards the next series. And maybe that’s why the Tiger’s are doing so well; because of their attitude and outlook. They aren’t taking any win for granted, but only looking toward the next series. Maybe that’s why they continue to win series after series. And that’s probably what they’re doing right now, watching tape and looking into the Oakland A’s whom travel into Detroit for a three game stand. And hopefully by Sunday, the Tiger’s will again have another series win against a top contender in the American League West Division.